The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum
The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum
The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum
The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum
The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum
The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum

The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum

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The Abeyant Nursery (re)orders a history of trauma and creative identity. Painting a picture of the child and the artist who are made and remade over the course of the book, associations are juxtaposed between images of mixed media and are played provocatively with repetition. Control and ownership of the artist’s past and present are orchestrated through corrections, edits, gaps, intentional overexposure, and plaintive text, casting his self-image through a processual exploration of image-making. The weight of evaluation by parents and by the self looms large as a concern and visual conceit in The Abeyant Nursery, and the question of freedom and liberation from its hold lingers for both the artist and his readers.


This book won the inaugural Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) Printing Prize in 2019, sponsored by Dominie Press.


Please note that each book cover varies from one another as it is hand assembled by the artist himself. Therefore, the book cover may be different from the one pictured in this listing.

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Size: 23cm x 16,5cm x 1,5cm 
Pages: 134 
Images: Archival Images, Photographs & Drawings
Printing: Offset CMYK on RJ paper. Printed in Singapore by Dominie Press 
Language: English
Publisher: The Book Show
ISBN: 978-981-14-4596-5

Design: Do Not Design & Quinn Lum

Limited edition of 300 copies.


  • Quinn Lum Fu Loong (b.1993, Singapore) graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media in 2018 with a BFA (Hons) in Photography and Digital imaging. His works explore his personal identity and social environment by the use of auto ethnography. From which, he investigates the control and expectations imposed upon him by society and questions their relevance in today’s context. Raised in a result-oriented family, his works express his desire for freedom and to be one with himself.

    He has recently exhibited in various shows which include, Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 & Undescribed 2019. Quinn’s works have been awarded the Dominie Book Prize for SIPF Photobook Open Call 2018, Student Single - Second Prize in the NTU International Photography Awards 2017, the Gold with Honours in the Singapore Youth Festival, Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2012 and the Most Promising Young Artist Award in the UOB Painting of the Year 2010.

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