Artist's Books from Asia

24 October - 8 November 2019
Free entry (via appointment)

When thinking about artist's books from Asia, the examples found in Madrid typically hail from Japan or China. In hopes of expanding the exposure of Asian artist's books here, this showcase brings together 10 books from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. The selection ranges in form and content, presenting alternative styles and visual languages from these lesser known areas of Asia. 

Cuando pensamos en libros de artistas asiáticos, los ejemplos que encontramos en Madrid generalmente provienen de Japón o China. Con la esperanza de expandir la visibilidad de los libros creados por los artistas asiáticos, esta muestra reúne 10 libros de Hong Kong, Singapur, Corea del Sur y Taiwán. La selección varía en forma y contenido. Se presentan estilos alternativos y lenguajes visuales menos conocidos de estos países asiáticos. 

The artist's books include (from left to right of image above):

Los libros de los artistas incluidos son (de izquierda a derecha):

Rubbish Famzine No.2 ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ *

Ways To Tie Trees *
Woong Soak Teng (Singapore)

Hanging Heavy On My Eyes
Ang Song Nian (Singapore)

Mountain Survey
Marvin Tang (Singapore)

Organised Scenery *
Loh Xiang Yun (Singapore)

Dying City
Mark Pearson, Chan Wai Kwong, Ada Hung (Hong Kong)

For your anxiety and guiltiness and for Francis Bacon *
Yoranhan2people (South Korea)

Shoot Shoot Shoot *
Yoranhan2people (South Korea)

No no no no good club *
Chen Etang (Taiwan)

Lai Lon Hin (Hong Kong)


*books available for sale through Bubbleclub bookshop

*libros a la venta en  Bubbleclub bookshop