Bubbleclub is excited to announce that it will be offering a Visual Art Student Mentorship Program in October 2020. The mentorship program will begin in 1st of October and end in the 15th of October 2020. Many visual art students had to put their studies and creativity on hold because of COVID-19, but this mentorship program gives these individuals a chance to pick up where they left off.


The purpose of the Bubbleclub Mentorship Program is to provide visual art students the opportunity to find their artistic voice and a chance to explore new paths in their career. Bubbleclub is looking for self-motivated art students who want take the next step in their art.



The mentee can learn valuable knowledge from Carlos Alba’s expertise and past mistakes. Mentees can also increase their competencies in specific areas. Other benefits include free accommodation and access to Carlos Alba’s studio space at Bubbleclub in Madrid at scheduled times throughout the duration of the program, and a gallery showcase at the conclusion of the program to showcase your artwork/artistic voice and the new skills you gained from your mentor. The two-week program will also include networking opportunities with key industry professionals and (paid) assisting opportunities.

Role of a Mentee

Mentee will be open and honest about their goals, expectations, challenges and concerns; they will actively listen and question; be open to constructive criticism/feedback and ask for it; be committed to their development; and assume responsibility for acquiring or improving skills and knowledge. Mentees will seek advice, feedback and direction from their mentor and provide feedback to their mentor on what is working and not working in the mentoring relationship.

Role of the mentor (Carlos Alba)

Your mentor will help and guide you through the process of making visual art, so you can find your artistic voice and expand your emerging artistic skills. Carlos Alba will help you develop as an artist through assessing your strengths and weaknesses as well as through collaboration, the implementation of strategies, and evaluation along the way. Your mentor will share his wisdom and past experiences with you to foster growth.  

How to apply

Fill the form on:

Please, make the donation to support this program. Thank you!


Application deadline: 4 September
Online Interviews: 7-9 September
2020 Mentees announced: 14 September 
Mentorship runs: 1-15 October 


For bookings and inquires, please contact us via the form below.